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Laser Dentistry Glebe – A Beautiful Smile with Less Discomfort

We want our patients to benefit from the latest technologies which is why we have incorporated the latest laser dentistry into our Glebe clinic.

Laser dentistry is the ideal option for patients in Glebe NSW who feel anxious about undergoing dental treatment or who are seeking faster treatment and recovery times. Our dental lasers eliminate noise, vibration, and discomfort of the dentist’s drill, helping patients to feel less anxious and more at ease.

Laser treatment is patient-friendly, minimally invasive, and can be used to assist with a wide variety of dental treatments including cavities, gum surgery, teeth whitening, and even snoring treatment in Glebe.

Our Sydney dentist can discuss this option with you when you attend a consultation at our clinic in Glebe NSW.

Laser dentistry in Glebe – What is it and how does it work?

Dental lasers here in Glebe NSW, allow us to perform a variety of dental treatments without altering or damaging the surrounding hard or soft tissues of the mouth. By delivering energy in the form of a concentrated beam of light, laser technology enables dentists to perform specific dental functions with great care and precision.

Ultimately, where traditional dental surgery can be painful, debilitating and often requires lengthy recuperation, treatment involving laser dentistry in Glebe is more comfortable, faster and results in a speedier recovery.

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About Fotona Laser Systems

Fotona has over 50 years of experience in laser technology and is recognised as a world leader in laser dentistry. They currently manufacture the most advanced multi-aesthetic laser systems and high single-pulse energy systems on the market.

In 1994 they were the first to combine dual wavelengths for a single treatment dramatically improving the comfort, satisfaction and treatment outcomes for patients while in 2004, they were the first to design a dental laser that outperforms a conventional dental drill.

If you are someone who thinks that they might benefit from Laser dentistry here in Glebe, then now is the time to make an appointment. The groundbreaking Fotona Lightwalker Laser System® come with many advantages. Why not see first hand how laser dentistry can help you, so contact us at your earliest convenience today!

Laser dentistry in Glebe – what can it treat?

Fotona Laser dentistry has the ability to treat a wide variety of oral conditions including:

  • Root canal infections
  • Removal of gum inflammation
  • Tongue tie / Frenectomy
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

… but also, it can be used to assist with gum reshaping, tooth fillings and even snoring treatment in Glebe.
Glebe patients who snore loudly for instance could be suffering from a debilitating problem known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). NightLase therapy in Glebe, has been proven to benefit OSA sufferers greatly and results can last for up to 12 months.
If you would like to find out more about NightLase therapy or any other form of laser dentistry in Glebe then come and talk to our friendly team at Glebe Dental Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of laser dentistry in Glebe?
In Glebe Dental Group, Laser dentistry using Fotona Lightwalker® Laser system has many benefits for patients in Glebe NSW. In addition to more comfortable procedures and reduced recovery time, patients can also benefit from;

  • Lesser use of anaesthetic – it may not always be necessary
  • Reduced problems from infections – lasers have the ability to sterilise the gums
  • Most of the time sutures are not needed
  • Little or no blood is lost by patients during surgery
  • More of the natural tooth structure is retained during preparation for fillings, crowns, and root canals
What types of lasers are used in laser dentistry?
The two main types of Fotona lasers that we use here in Glebe NSW are for soft tissue and hard tissue. Each one uses a different wavelength which makes them more appropriate for cutting into a specific type of tissue.

Soft tissue lasers, for example, are used for gum work and can seal exposed blood vessels simultaneously. This is why patients lose little or no blood during procedures and why they heal quicker. They’re also ideal for cosmetic treatments such as gum lifts because patients see the results instantly.

Hard tissue lasers, on the other hand, are mainly used for teeth. At Glebe Dental here in Glebe NSW, we use them for diagnosing cavities, preparing teeth for fillings, and dealing with tooth sensitivity.